Allen Eugene Cook, 72 of Woodruff, passed away January 14, 2020 at Spartanburg Regional Hospice home. If you ever met Allen Cook one thing would immediately jump out at you. He was a friendly guy. He had a smile bigger than life and he didn’t meet anyone he didn’t like or who didn’t like him. He was born deep in the heart of Texas not far from the border town of Brownsville. His dad’s name was Elza Marion Cook and his mom was Daisy Marie Lawless Cook. Allen had an older brother Eddie, and three sisters, Shirley, Sharon and Kathy. He is survived by his children Sharon “Sherry” McCormack (Joseph) , Michael Allen Cook, Aubree Tuminello, 6 grandchildren Kristina Parks, Christopher Convery, Adrianna Cook, Gage Leone, Theign Tuminello, Aizen Tuminello, 3 great-grandchildren Paytonn, Skilar, Bayleigh Parks and his companion in life, Teresa. After high school in Greenville, South Carolina Allen joined the United States Marine Corps. This was at the height of Vietnam War which didn’t faze Allen Eugene one little bit. After basic training and advanced infantry training Allen was assigned to the 3rd Marine Division. Deployed to I Corps in northern South Vietnam he distinguished himself as a combat marine. He was stationed in an isolated outpost on a place called the Razorback. His unit was attacked time and again by the Viet Cong. Allen's conduct was such that his commanding officer recommended him for the Silver Star for Valor. Allen declined the honor when he found his brother Marines in his company weren’t being similarly honored. Upon his discharge from the Corps Allen returned to Greenville South Carolina and attended Greenville Technical School and graduated as a Dental Lab Technician. Allen “put smiles on people’s faces” for the rest of his working life. He was a top flight man with dental skills but he was an artist, a sculptor; he created outstanding necklaces. He was a multi-talented man. Allen lived and worked in many areas of the country including New York City, Rhode Island, Kentucky, South Carolina but Florida called him home again and again. Allen’s hobbies were as varied as the interests of the man himself. He was a crack shot. He shot skeet and was expert with both long guns and pistols. He was a gourmet cook. He made the best pies that any of us ever tasted. When Allen’s interest was piqued he threw himself into that activity whole heartedly! He once ran across a recipe for fruit cake that excited him. He then spent hundreds on the finest ingredients and baked at least twenty five of the best fruit cakes that have ever been. He built a chess set out of exotic African woods and hand carved the chess pieces as the cast of “The Lion King.” It was an awesome piece of work! Allen was a remarkably hard working person who enjoyed life. He was driven to deliver the best product to his patients. He felt great satisfaction from people enjoying the fruits of his labor. He loved animals. He particularly cared for a large cat named Arthur who nearly drowned him one night when it sank his claws in his water bed. Allen’s sense of humor was his best redeeming quality. He always said that “you get out of life what you put into it”. If you knew him for any length of time you most certainly heard him say, “life is short, so enjoy it while you can.” A private service will be held at a later date.